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Freedom of Speech: Why Speaking Out Counts!

There are more of ‘us’ than of ‘them,’ and we have to remember that. The latest 2010 census counted over 300 million people here in America which means that ‘we’ outnumber ‘them’ at some ridiculous number.

Not counting my fellow activists in food, farming, environment etcetera, I’ve become convinced that the average American is totally brain-dead where their freedoms are concerned. The modern term, ‘sheeple’ is fairly apt because the majority of citizens of this country seem to be more focused on themselves rather than on what’s affecting their lives.

Now don’t get me wrong (or do — I don’t give a rat’s ass!) but as all of us know, the economy is in the tank, having been put there by ineffective government and corporate greed and its political influence. True, we’re all feeling this right now and thankfully, we’re angry.

But are we angry enough?

Recently on the air on Orion Talk Radio, my friend, Ziggy and I discussed Dow’s petition for approval of a new breed of genetically modified corn (GMO) which can withstand applications of 2-4-D, a component in the defoliant, Agent Orange. ( Listen to Parts 1 and  Part 2

That evening Ziggy, on her own, created a Facebook ‘event’  to encourage her friends on FB to speak up against 2-4-D corn approval. Listing me as a host – we both invited our ‘friends,’ who numbered about 200. 

6 responded. 

I logged in and changed the description to say that it isn’t a ‘live’ event that people had to physically attend, but one that ‘attendees’ only had to go to 2 links which were provided, log in and submit their comments directly to the USDA and APHIS (the agency of Animal, Plant Health and Inspection) on a government site.  The other link was to a petition by Organic Consumers which would be sent directly to President Obama, USDA director Tom Vilsack and the head of APHIS, Gregory Parham.

This morning (1/22)  there were 20.

HOW DIFFICULT IS THIS?  Click one link, use your constitutional rights of FREE SPEECH and comment.  Then click another link, voice your objection on the petition and that’s it?  It takes all of 5 minutes!

If so-called ‘activists,’ people who list themselves as healthy living advocates, who can travel across the country to go to raw milk rallies or health conventions, or other concerned citizens about the future of farms and  the environment, can’t manage to do this: WHAT THE HELL AM I FIGHTING FOR? 

These folks are not your average people who are uneducated about the detrimental effects of modern food! They profess clean diets of unprocessed food, drink fermented concoctions of kombucha, support local farmers (or are small farmers themselves) are supposedly totally committed to the health of their children and the Earth, advocates for raw milk and unpasteurized milk products, have organic lifestyles,  write articles and teach classes on natural and holistic living:  the list goes on and on. I assume that because they have chosen the lifestyles that they have, they must be aware of the dangers of chemical living. I assume they care. 

Feedback on this page is nill.  WHY?  This is something that will affect our entire country.  Farmers who now use Monsanto’s Round-Up GMO corn and douse their fields with glyphosate, may choose to go with the 2-4-D version.  This will cause a hellish concoction of chemicals to be released into the groundwater contaminated by Round-Up, Atrazine and other chemicals.  This ‘chemical war’ between Dow and Monsanto can only lead to more illness and deaths from long-term exposure.

Hopefully, though, the numbers on the FB page are low because these ‘friends’ have acted on their own and voiced their opinions on a direct link instead of committing on FB.  Perhaps, on purpose, they have not shown up for fear of incriminating themselves in the secret annals of Facebook — which we know are monitored by huge corporations under the thinly veiled guise of  PR and marketing.  However, IF they ARE of an activist nature, why wouldn’t they want to stand up against this? 

With 300+ million people  against  how many in government and corporations — we CAN stop this.  Look at recent events:  Verizon wanted to change a $2 fee for online payments.  In twenty-four hours, the citizens of this country brought that to a stop. Last week it appeared that the SOPA and PIPA legislation would become law.  Public outrage in just a few days (if that) had lawmakers tripping over themselves backing away that the proposed law has been dropped.

This is what we can do.  This is why FREEDOM OF SPEECH is important and WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO SPEAK UP!

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Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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