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Why I’m Still An Activist – FREE SPEECH

Last week I freaked out. The bad part was that I did it in public.  On my Facebook page I sent a message to all of my then 50-something friends.  It was half rant, tirade, fingerpointing and pity party.  Then I deactivated my account and was silent.  I destroyed my former website here at WordPress, “Good Food 4 All.’  The e-mail list I had for GF4A also was shut down. 

I got mad, I got hurt and part of me was afraid. 

I had blogged about the pending approval of what is being called “Agent Orange” corn.  I guess that the key words I used over time accumulated and drew the attention of the manufacturer of this product.  They set their spybots on me at my site.  I backtracked through the links to those who had accessed my site and found out a lot about corporate America.

Under the guise of marketing and PR many of the world’s best known product manufacturers routinely spy on us.  The software from these PR firms allows these companies to view what is being said about them, good, bad or indifferent.  It sounds innocent enough but in the true essence of corporate espionage, it isn’t.

They track everything:  blogs, Facebook, Twitter and all social media.  This is legal.  The intent, they profess, is to gather marketing information and how to best put a spin on their PR to increase sales. 

There was a darker side to this.  Words used on these PR sites to attract new customers like, “track activists,” or “engage activists,” bothered me because of many things that are happening on small farms, at buying clubs, CSAs and to those who are for our food freedoms. There were other indications of what could possibly be covert actions against naysayers of their products.  I’d heard of visits by chemical corporations to people who’d shown the movie, “Food, Inc,” “Fresh, the Movie,” and  “Farmageddon,” along with threats and intimidation.

This is what happens when we use our free speech: companies are allowed to do this to the citizens of the United States,

Raw milk is  under attack with a vengeance by the FDA. Spies are being planted in buying clubs by state and federal officials.    Several activists, both here and in Canada, have been arrested, tried and convicted for sales of raw milk – with one thing lacking…. NOBODY HAS GOTTEN ILL from their milk. In court testimony the informants have been identified and given their account of how they were recruited – or in some cases, commanded to do this by their superiors – and their subsequent infiltration of the subject farm.

 At the November 1, 2011 protest at the FDA, which I attended, Homeland Security’s presence was unmistakable.  HOMELAND SECURITY…. to monitor a peaceful  raw milk  demonstration?  Yes, we were outside the FDA in Silver Spring, Maryland.  There was absolutely no threat to the building or occupants of the FDA itself.  In fact, we even invited John Sheehan, the director, who, of course, didn’t show.

Something just won’t let me quit advocating for food freedom -and now for freedom of speech.  I may do it in a different way, subtly, though, as to delay the scrutiny of the spybots from big chemical.  I’ve been doing this far too long to quit now.  Since 2004, after reading Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation” and Morton Spurlock’s, “Supersize Me” I became enraged at the way the food industry controls everything we eat.  I’ve been on the radio, both here and in Canada, I’ve blogged and tried to spread the word that our food isn’t what the general public thinks it is.  I’ve begged and badgered people to STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS.  Sometimes I wonder IF anybody is listening!

So, if the spybots do come and snitch to big ag, big chemical and big food, well, I hope they enjoy what they’re reading. It is my FREEDOM of SPEECH that I am exercising here in the United States of America.  It is My FREEDOM OF SPEECH to disagree with the chemical giants and the food industry and our own government,  who are putting  greed before the health of this planet and humanity.

That’s why I can’t quit!


Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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