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We Have The RIGHT To Know What’s In Food: Label GMOs

Humans = Guinea Pigs for biotech industry.

Around the world people have been used as Guinea Pigs by the biotech industry, without our consent.   There is overwhelming evidence which  proves that  GMO testing was rigged and incomplete, yet they were approved here in the United States. The Institute of Responsible Technology, headed by Jeffrey Smith, has long voiced the dangers of GMO food and  advocates for the labeling of GMOs on food packaging. 

To date, however, the protests of the American people have fallen on deaf ears of our government. Why?  Here we go again ~  corporate greed and influence in our government. 

Long before the GMO controversy became well-known,  Hungarian-born scientist Arpad Pusztai found a link to potential damage in the livers, hearts, brains and immune systems of rats fed genetically modified potatoes.  Voicing his concern for the potential helath risks of GM potatoes, he was terminated from his post at the Rowett Institute in Scotland. Denounced by many of his peers,   and a smear campain by the GMO industry and supporters, Mr. Pusztai quickly became an outcast in the scientific world.

Today, however, the finding of many studies bear his initial theory out:  GM foods are dangerous not only because of the foods themselves, but of the environmental  and health consequences of massive use of Round-Up and other chemicals.

Jeffrey Smith had the occasion to be at the Community Food Security Coalition Conference in Des Moines, Iowa in 2009.  USDA Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was speaking when Mr. Smith posed a question on GMOs.  Vilsack literally put his foot in his mouth in answering, GMOs can food the world! 

According to another web site 93% of all Americans polled went GMO food to be labeled.  450 organizations advocate GMO labels, too. 

How can our government not listen to the voices being raised? How is it that WE THE PEOPLE are being ignored in favor of corporate profits?  Ah…, more greed! 

Recently, Dan Murphy, writing for the Pork Network, wrote an article on GMO approval.  Basically bashing claims of any danger to GMOs, he made one sane observation regarding GMO labeling: 

“If the (GMO)  industry really believes its own messaging—that GMOs are as safe as any other food ingredient—then there shouldn’t be any obstacle to voluntary labeling.”

Thank you, Mr. Murphy!

So — why NOT LABEL GMOs?  Many brain-dead consumers would go right on eating their breakfast cereals, breads and other products laced with GMO corn. The dairy industry would keep feeding its cows the GMO corn – and – consumers would keep drinking milk laced with the GMO genes, pesticides and antibiotics it contains.   Mothers  would continue to feed GMO soy-based baby formula to their infants.  Fast food junkies wouldn’t miss a beat in getting their favorite fast food fix. On and on, the majority of the population wouldn’t notice or, sadly, much less care.

Those of us who value our food freedoms and the freedom of speech to spread this information, will continue to wage a war for everyone on this planet, because we truly believe in our right to choose what we eat!



Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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