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Food Freedom: We Are Not Truly Free

In relation to other countries such as China and dictatorships in the Middle East, we have much more freedom.  So far, our internet has not been blacked out, but all other things I question.  One of them is food freedom.

In a very interesting article by VICFA Vice President, Lois Smith, she writes,        

“Today, it seems that most citizens assume that rights are granted by our government. If that is true,then we have no “rights”, but instead have certain “permissions”. After all, what the government gives, it can take away. We, as a nation, have been ruled by Political Law since the Great Depression. It is law created out of nothing. We demanded our government to do something, thus giving the government more control of our lives. Political law is not based on logic or morality. In political law societies, the majority or dictators rule based on what they want, even if it is morally wrong.” (read more…,)

The United States is not set up as a dictatorship.  Of course, I know that right now there are some who would disagree with me saying that the President is a dictator.  Not true!  The actual ‘dictator’ is the government system.  In its modern form, far from what the creators of the Constitution had in mind, the “dictator” is now many.  The dictator is now money & influence.

Our food freedom, as defined by the government: the USDA, FDA, CDC and other  agencies,  is that we can go to the grocery store and buy federally approved food.  It is supposed to be safe,  it is supposed to be nutritious.  Walk the aisles and read package labels. 99% of it is anything but nutritious and the other 1%, the produce, (unless certified organic)  is loaded with an array of toxic chemicals. I would hardly call this “safe.”

On the other hand, food purchased directly from our small farmers and local artisans is much more nutritious.  It comes directly from the land.  There are no added artificial ingredients, flavor enhancers, colorings, stabilizers, preservatives or potential hidden allergens.  Generally there aren’t any GMO ingredients.  If produced in clean conditions with careful attention to any risks of contamination, this food is totally safe. 

Our ancestors ate this way.  Today, however,  our government begs to differ. In many parts of the country and under a number of federal, state and local laws, we are not allowed to.  Raw (unpasteurized) milk is illegal in many states.  Unpasteurized food of any kind is not permitted.  Meat not processed in a USDA sanctioned slaughterhouse – even though utmost attention to sanitation is given; in some cases more stringent than federal rules – is not allowed.  Farmers selling raw milk can go to jail, even though nobody has even gotten ill from drinking their milk!  Pickles and relishes cannot be bought outside a grocery store  by consumers because of fears of botulism.  This list goes on and on!

True food freedom would allow us to buy directly from our local farmers or go to a church supper and have Aunt Edna’s pickles. Church programs providing food to the homeless have been shut down, even though there were no complaints or illnesses!  True, there must be some adherence to sanitation when cooking for a crowd, but let’s not lose common sense. 

Unfortunately many of our food laws in effect today date from the early 1900s when less was known about pathogens, sanitation and health practices.  From a sanitation standpoint, many of these outdated laws should be done away with or amended to reflect modern life. 

A return to common sense legislation is needed.  The removal of corporate monetary influence  in government policymaking must be a serious consideration.  Elimination of revolving door politics and political appointments between the biotech and chemical industry to government posts  must be made illegal because of conflict of interest.     Measures such as these and many others would give us back much of our food freedom.





Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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