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Poison In Our Food: Industry-Funded Studies Say No (but we know better!)

A recent article in Mother Earth News, on bisphenol A (BPA) echoed something that many of us food activists already know:  the chemical industry, along with other “Big” companies, slant their findings.  Their industry-funded studies are often incomplete and biased in favor of (what else?) their product.

Yale Environment 360, who, in 1996, published findings contradictory to the chemical industry’s report.  The result?  They were threatened by various chemical companies.  Dow Chemical came after them, sending representatives to their door hinting that they should withdraw the article. They didn’t.  

If you read the articles referenced in Mother Earth you’ll see that for many years now, BPA has been  found to be unsafe.  Levels of the chemical leach out during the normal food processing or cooking.  Heat and the alkaline nature of some of the foods inside the cans, bottles or food containers causes the chemical compound to change, mimicking the hormone estradiol, a carcinogen.

Frederick vom Saal, interviewed for the above-referenced article in Mother Earth, backs up something I’ve known about these industry-funded studies for a long time:  they don’t tell the truth.  100% of the industry findings say the BPA is safe, but 90% of the non-industry conclusions report that BPA does indeed harm the endocrine system. This is why studies showing evidence to the contrary is often hidden by manufacturers and not presented in the approval process.  Naysayers are threatened into silence. 

This brings me to the point of the importance of food, environmental and health activists and our freedom of speech. 

I recently wrote about the petition of Dow Chemical to the USDA for approval of their 2-4-D GMO corn, nicknamed “Agent Orange Corn.”   My former website, Good Food 4 All, here on WordPress, was being monitored by Dow Chemical through their marketing firm. They were watching me, as they do legally on every facet of the web, under the auspices of collecting “marketing”   information. 

Under FREEDOM of SPEECH, I was attempting to tell people that they HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTEST APPROVAL of this GMO corn in a public comment form directly linked to the USDA.  (I urge everyone to go to this link  to sign before the CLOSING date of Feb 29th)

As with other GMO products, undoubtedly, their presentation to the USDA will be biased on the side of the product. As in the past, the USDA will probably believe them and approve it. 

There are many studies to date which conflict the “it’s OK” stance of the manufacturers.  We all know how Monsanto’s Round-Up has gone.  Twenty years later glyphosate is not working.  A revamped and undoubtedly more poisonous product is probably in the wings from Monsanto.  To grab the industry however, Dow has jumped in with its 2-4-D version.  We’re going from one poison to another.  Is this what we want?

Dow, nor any other company, has any right to stop me – or any of us for using our freedom of speech.

Because we know better, then it is our right and responsibility to use our freedom of speech, and as the quote here on the page from Albert Einstein says:  “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”



Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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