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We Need to “Occupy” Everything

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, FDA 11-1-11 Raw Milk Protest


Occupy Wall Street needed to happen.  Anger and frustration has been brewing for a long time.  With the transparency of the internet, government and corporate secrets are being revealed. 

What is the bottom line for all decisions in the corporate world?  Greed.  This is what Occupy Wall Street is about.  Greed rules the food industry, too, determining everything. The Greed of Monsanto with its  GMO patented seeds which chains farmers to ITS product, Round-Up.  The manufacture and distribution our food, even what we are allowed to eat!   

The evolution of our food has gone from a farm-based community where what we ate was produced locally. A select few [companies] now control everything.   Small farmers, the lifeblood of our society, who have fed this nation for centuries,  are flattened under the heel of monolithic money-grabbing companies whose last thought  are  any environmental, economic or long-term health concerns.  In the name of “bottom line.” profits matter more than the gripping health crisis they have knowingly caused.  

I’m not talking about riots. What’s needed is a show of force but not force itself as in a physical confrontation. I’m speaking of sheer numbers here:  millions standing up, using not only their buying power, but  speaking up, acting and doing for the right of everyone; for THE RIGHT TO EAT THE FOOD OF OUR CHOICE. 

The 2010 census counted 308 Million people in the United States.  How many people are there in all the government agencies which make our laws?  Hmm, far less.  What about the number of corporate leaders and those who sit on boards and make policy decisions?  Still not even close.  Have we thrown in marketing and product development execs yet?    We still outnumber them!   Theoretically even if we halved the number counted in the census, we’d still outnumber the ‘suits’ at about 154 million.  Imagine this: millions of consumers taking up the mantle of our food rights! We would be unstoppable!

The food movement is growing larger every day. Even so, the majority of the people are oblivious to what really goes on regarding our food.

Education is a must, for everyone, from children to adults.  Age appropriate educational programs about the different methods of producing food;  factory farm as opposed to sustainable,  should be mandatory in health-related classes through school.  Health classes should perhaps morph into hands-on cooking classes, like the Home Economics we females were forced to take in the 60s and 70s. This would empower children to make their own choices regarding food and get them interested in ‘real food’ instead of junk food.  Included in any science or environmental curriculum for older students should be information of the history and role that pesticides and herbicides have played in food production. Also covered should be non-farm use of these chemicals because of the horrific pesticide and herbicide abuse by the public. 

However, this information should not come  through or be  presented by government agencies. The FDA, USDA, EPA and CDC’s information is often biased in favor of the  food and chemical manufacturers.   We need the truth from independent studies without corporate or government subversion or omissions.   People need to be aware of research   that government  pushed aside to approve things like GMO foods, food additives, dyes,  pesticides and herbicides like Round-Up (glyphosate) and 2-4-D (atrazine, a.k.a  agent Orange)  and imported food. 

People need to know how “Big Food” is literally strangling our small farmers with legislation  favoring the handful of corporations which really run the food system of this country. Consumers worldwide are being systematically sickened & poisoned BY corporate interests who put profits over lives and are buying our governments and influencing policy.  This is WRONG!

Second, we need to let people in government know where we stand on food.  The most important thing is the constant voice of the public, insisting that food laws be changed.  This is why education is important.  The more people know, the more they’re likely to object to the present situation of our food system.  Every consumer should be  in touch with those who (hopefully) represent them in government.   CONTACT YOUR LAWMAKERS.  Technically, they work for us and it’s required for a lawmaker’s office to keep tabs on who calls for what reason.

Third, consumers need to make a conscious  and deliberate shift to boycott foods which aren’t healthy – period.   Again, education is imperative, enabling the public to see how unhealthy most of the processed food in stores and at fast food restaurants is!      Getting back to basics by cooking at home from scratch, rather than eating out of a box or at a fast food joint!   The truth that we’ve all been used as Guinea pigs by the food industry for a very long time is unsettling. 

The saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” is true.  Very important words here are: GET INVOLVED and SPEAK OUT.  

& I meant it PHOTO: Bev Hill

  Look at what a handful of Moms accomplished at the FDA on November 1st. They got the attention of the FDA, enough to change its stance on the interstate movement of raw milk!  Not a huge step, but a step nonetheless!

We must think of ourselves as a ripple in a pond.  The ripple starts as a drop with one person; you! It spreads out to your friends, family, co-workers, community, county, state and beyond.

OCCUPY FOOD is an essential part of saving our health, our lives, and our planet.  To those yet unborn, pregnant woman will have healthier babies.  Occupy Food will enrich us with healthy food choices, natural chemical and pesticide-free lifestyles and food sustainability along with a healing ecosystem.  Food sovereignty for this nation’s consumers along with the right to get our food from the source we choose.  This is our right as free human beings, not enslavement by a corrupt government or corporations with greed in their hearts.

Editor’s note:  This is a reprint of an article from Good Food 4 All, my old blog here on WP.  Publish date was November, 2011.


Author: Bernice Matherson

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