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Bayer Advanced Insect Killer Plays on Consumer’s Fear of Germs

Bayer's GERM KILLER Insect spray preys on consumer's fanatical fear of germs! Absolutely IDIOTIC!

I love to show the public how ridiculously stupid they are.

I was in Lowe’s yesterday.  I happened to notice a display of Bayer insect spray that made me (involuntarily!)  shout…, “WHAT?”  It wasn’t the Bayer name that got me; it was the fact that I saw GERM KILLER on the same label with the words “insect”.  Incredibly, the label says…


Kills insects and reduces 99% of the germs* that they may leave behind

  • Provides up to 12 months of indoor insect protection1
  • Kills ants and roaches in seconds
  • Controls 60+ pests
  • Can be used as an outdoor barrier treatment
  • Not for residential sale in CA

*Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces. No residual sanitizer action. Not for primary use as a sanitizer.

1 For German Cockroaches, Black Carpenter Ants and House Crickets on non-porous surfaces.


Please – give me a break!

I can see it now.  Consumers grabbing up bottles of this insecticide just because it says GERM KILLER…, and this is just what Bayer wants;  to play on the public’s ridiculous obsession with germs.  Some won’t read the label or figure it’s safe to spray this near food preparation areas or where infants, toddlers and children may come in contact with it.  They may even use it in places where their pets are, endangering them, too.

The public has gotten a real case of the “dumbs.”  This germaphobic thing of late is so out of hand.  Companies are cashing in on the words “antibacterial” and “antibiotic” and germ killer like there’s no tomorrow. 

According to scientists and the medical profession, we’re got a very dangerous situation resulting from the incessant demands of consumers to be germ-free.   Over-the-counter antibiotic products are contributing to drug resistance for MRSA, a highly dangerous and easily spread staph infection.

Now, Bayer and probably other insecticide manufacturers will spread more fear of germs.  Consumers will only SEE the words:  GERM KILLER and reach for this gallon of poison to protect their family from     g….e….r….m….s !    

Yep – this is another product that  the dumb public will just have to have in their never-ending war to be germ-free!

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Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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