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Fast Food: Sad Food Choices

I could only shake my head in astonishment at what I was hearing because this is an example of the food mentality all too common today.  I listened in horror at this story. 

A woman and her two adopted children:  she’s in her early 60’s, they are in their early teens.  All are very overweight.  One of the girls who is quite short, probably under 5 feet, is well over 100 pounds above what she should weigh. The other is a bit taller and probably close to 75 pounds heavier than she should be.



Because their food is charged to a credit card, last month the food expenses were about $1800.00.  Four hundred dollars of that was spent at McDonald’s.  Some days they eat there 2 or 3 times a day.  Other favorites are Burger King, Pizza Hut and Wendy’s.  They eat no vegetables; the Mom doesn’t cook because she’s too busy.  Their beverage of choice is sweetened ice tea.  They buy 5 pounds of sugar a week for the tea.  Yes — you read correctly:  five POUNDS. 

The sad thing is they don’t seem to care.  THIS is food to them! They laughed at the whole thing;  howled as they told the story! The long-term consequences of this are absolutely frightening!  The Mom is compounding her medical problems by eating this diet.  The girls are surely headed (if not already) for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure and other ailments cause by fast food or a diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. They get no exercise.

Neither of the girls knows how to cook even a simple meal.  They aren’t inclined to learn, either.  Why should they… when McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, KFC, Wendy’s and Burger King are so readily available?

Fast food purveyors have hoodwinked these woman, and millions like them. They’re TOLD it’s good food; promised that fast food has gotten healthier, but HOW can this be healthy?


Look closely-these chickens have lost feathers due to overcrowded conditions. They are not healthy chickens. This is where your fast food come from!

This food comes from animals raised in crowded, filthy conditions. To prevent illness they are routinely treated with antibiotics – even if they are not sick!  They’re fed growth hormones to make them fatter, fed offal from dead chickens. The assembly line at the slaughterhouse processes these animals quickly and haphazardly in a way that could essentially make humans sick from fecal contamination.  Additives and chemicals used to make the buns, flavor the meat, breading and make up the ‘ice cream’ and flavor the shakes.  What about the pesticides that the cows and chickens have eaten on their grain or are in the vegetables (what little there are) on the sandwiches.  All ingredients in these meals undoubtedly come from fields treated with pesticides and herbicides such as Round-Up, 2-4-D and are probably all made from GMO crops!

 If,   for ONE MONTH, they ate real food, no fast food and used a sweetener such as stevia for their tea, they all would lose weight, probably without exercising. Their calorie intake as it is right now must be thousands of calories a day.  Of course, they’d have to be willing to TRY new food such as eggs, fruits, breads, grains, beans, salads and consume far less meat and processed food

Is it too much to make a simple breakfast between the three of them in the morning?  How difficult would it be, with all of them participating every evening, to make a home-cooked meal?  Is it so impossible to cook something beforehand, freeze it and have it on a night when they might be in a hurry to be elsewhere?

I still say it:  required reading in schools should be “Fast Food Nation”  by Eric Schlosser and Morton Spurlock’s “Don’t Eat This Book-The Supersizing of America”.  Required movies should be “Fresh, The Movie” and “Food, Inc”


The current generation of children are the first who may not outlive their parents. 

The girls in the previous story, ‘Sad Food Choices’, might not make it to the 40s or 50s without a serious medical crisis:  a stroke, heart attack or cancer.  Millions like them are walking time bombs with undiagnosed hardening of the arteries, cancer, high blood pressure, potential strokes, heart attacks, cancer and diabetes.  These diseases were totally UNHEARD OF in previous generations of children!  Now it has become routine for kids to be put on diabetes medicine or be treated for high blood pressure before they reach the age of 20!  Medical evidence has documented that eating habits in the formative years determine health over a lifetime.

This generation of kids is on a frightening path.  Their parents either have been too busy to cook or have been led to believe by advertising that microwaved meals, with names like “Healthy Choice” or “Smart Ones”, are nutritious. At home they are less likely to eat a ‘real’ meal instead consuming a nuked plastic tray of ‘fake food’. Commercials show families enjoying Stouffer’s Lasagna or Kentucky Fried Chicken at a “family sit-down dinner.”    The “Lean” in the “Cuisine” may be reduced calories but at what cost?   This is artificially flavored processed food with little food value.  Soda, something that NOBODY should drink, is sold in schools and consumed by the millions of cans every day.  It’s shocking to see parents in a restaurant pouring soda into a Sippy cup of a toddler!  (Believe it!)  It is any wonder why kids’ teeth are rotting out from the acid and they’re developing acid reflux?

If you drink soda —->  Jump to article on SODA

When the kids go to school, the lunch they get won’t be much better.  Schools are cutting costs and opting not to serve real food but processed junk instead! Fellow blogger Ed Bruske (The Slow Cook) wrote about his daughter’s lunch program under “You Call THIS Food?”  I, too, was dumbfounded!  These meals, IF you can call them that, give kids more addicting chemicals,  are high in salt, fat and artificial ingredients. Research has proven that this stuff actually adds to difficulty in concentration and in attentiveness and hyperactivity, and parents and teachers wonder why some kids are so hard to control!

For the past 50 or so years our human race has been bombarded with a chemical onslaught from the outside and inside. The outer environmental factors are: the rise in the use of pesticides by farmers, pollution (air and water) increased use of chemicals around the home, school, businesses in an attempt to eradicate bugs.  Chemicals and compounds in our clothing, personal care items, cookware (Teflon, Silverstone etc) take out containers for food, furnishings and everything we come in contact with on a daily basis. Add to this: the modern diet consisting of processed food, laden with artificial chemicals.

Processed food has been touted as the time saver and since the advent of the microwave just about everything can be nuked.  Food actually undergoes a molecular change in a microwave.  We cook our food in plastic and one of the MOST horrific things ever invented … s-t-y-r-o-f-o-a-m.  Little attention is paid to it, however and most folks don’t know how dangerous it is.

So, in addition to teaching kids that it’s OK not to be able to cook a meal, we’re telling them it’s OK to eat fast food all the time. We’re not only poisoning them WITH the food but containers and packaging as well. 

Unless parents get back to basics and schools help in teaching about food and SERVE good food, an entire generation of children is already predisposed to a life far less healthy than ever known before.

Parents:  Read up on the food you are allowing your kids to eat.  If you eat fast food on a frequent basis, cut way down.  Make it a treat instead of a way of life.  You will be saving your kids lives – literally.



Author: Bernice Matherson

Humanitarian, environmental and food activist, blogging on current societal issues. My blogs cover what's in our food and how it affects our health; the effects of our seemingly small actions regarding chemical and pesticide use in and around our homes and its impact on our Earth.

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