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Neonicotinoid: Spreading Death to Bees – Bayer Products

Bayer AdvancedBayer Advanced Flower, Rose and Shrub care contains imidacloprid, a new class of neonicotinoid which causes nervous system damage resulting in paralysis and death to bees and other beneficial insects. It is helping to decimate the bee population.

It also has tebuconazole which is a potent fungicide,  possible carcinogen, suspected endocrine disruptor and a water contaminant.

What IS a neonicotoid?  It is a systemic pesticide meaning that it gets into the plant itself.  It is a derivative of nicotine.  It is used in liquid or granular form.  After the plant absorbs it, the neonicotoid expresses itself in the plant’s pollen. This is bee food.  Bees and other insects systems are highly susceptible to the nerve damage caused by these pesticides.  Their bodies are unable to detoxify from the effects of these chemicals.

Neonicotinoids are a rapidly growing sector of the pesticide market globally, used on more than 140 crop varieties. They are applied in a wide variety of settings against pests in soil, seed, turf, timber as well as foliar treatments for cereals, cotton, legumes, potatoes, orchard fruits, rice, turf and vegetables. They are also common in veterinary applications such as tick control and flea collars for pets. Note that these products are also used on FOOD!

In the past few years this pesticide has become suspect in massive bee die offs.

If you use this product or any class of neonicotinoid, you are also contributing to groundwater pollution as it is persistent in the soil after use.  In other words, it just doesn’t go away.

Massive bee deaths are indicated for this class of pesticide.

Massive bee deaths are indicated for this class of pesticide.

Lowe’s and Home Depot sell tons of this toxic Bayer product every season. Currently there are a few petitions circulating – even to the EPA – that would ban the sale of this class of neonicotinoid.  But business being what it is – and the chemical lobby being so strong – plus the fact that this is such a money-maker for Lowe’s and Home Depot – I don’t think they will voluntarily pull these products from their shelves.  Only an outright ban on its manufacture and sale would do.


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Author: Bernice Matherson

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