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12-12-12: Activism in Food, Environment & Human Rights


12-12-12 speaks of the change we’ve been in for years.

The date, 12-12-12 has been in the news a lot lately.  In a purely  metaphysical sense, December 12, 2012 is a time of great shift energetically on this planet. The wave of uprisings, world protests, and climate disasters,  has all been for a reason:  to raise human consciousness that things cannot go on this way if we are to survive on this Earth.  According to doomsday theorists, 2012 is reported by some to be the end of the world.  Some devout Christians believe that the “end times” are upon us; the return of Jesus is imminent.

I believe the energy of the world  is changing. I do believe these are the “end times,” but not in a sense of the Earth blowing up & angels appearing to carry off the devout to heaven.  No, I believe it is a shift in human realization, in consciousness; belief that a change is needed in the way we must do things.

From what I have experienced in the last few years is this:  The people of this world have come forward to speak out on everything from food, human rights, government abuse, the environment, ecology, war, climate change, religious freedom, corporate greed and wrongdoings in just about every category.

Over the last 10 years or so I, along with countless others, have waged a battle over food and the environment.  We’ve taken on food rights, food manufacturing, “Big Food,” food from corporate farms to advocate for the smaller, more environmentally friendly local farmers.

Farm and food activists have sought to inform the public about artificial ingredients, food safety, GMOs, GMO labeling in food, presence of pesticides, herbicides and chemical poisons in our environment, as well as our daily lives. Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Bayer, DuPont and BASF have literally gotten away with murder, both on a human and environmental scale.  Our world’s environment is changing, people are dying in increased numbers from cancer and other ailments caused by our food and massive use of chemicals.

11-1-11: protest at the FDA for raw milk

11-1-11: protest at the FDA for raw milk

There have been protests at the FDA, countless state capitals in this country and around the world.  We’ve fought for the release of activists like raw milk proponent Michael Schmidt &  witnessed milk wars in Brussels!  Movies like, “Food Inc,” “Fresh,” and “Farmageddon”  have brought the public insight into the farm and food industry like nothing since Upton Sinclar’s “The Jungle,” in 1906. Luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz to Michelle Obama and the White House have gotten on board.

This is change – THIS is good!

The Occupy movement took hold and challenged Wall Street, the government and corporate America. The rallying cry, “We are the 99%” has made the super rich take notice.  Our election, won by Barack Obama, not Mitt Romney, told of the rejection of corporate America in our lives.  The Tea Party, Fox News and even good old Rush Limbaugh have taken a beating, and rightly so. It is past time that “we the people” take back our country.  “We the 98%”  must keep speaking out, telling the 1% that they should realize we outnumber them! Even the billionaire Koch brothers who spent millions on Mitt Romney’s campaign didn’t assure him the win.  In the end it was we, the “little” people who turned out in force:  women, immigrants, people of color, the working class and the poor along with the young and said:  “Enough is enough!”

We must keep saying:  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

From hurricane Katrina in 2003, to Irene last year and now hurricane Sandy, things are getting serious with climate change.  We environmentalists have screamed about this for decades.  Nobody paid attention. The oil lobby has fought tooth and nail,  subverting every environmentally sound idea or product which comes along, buying votes, infiltrating government and bribing our lawmakers!  Enough IS enough!  Climate change is real, you buffoons!  It’s long past time to get serious!  It may even be too late but we absolutely cannot ignore the earth’s warnings any longer.  This is real, it’s not going to get better;  the Earth is pissed off and in the end, good old Mom Nature IS going to win!  There will be nothing that humans can do about it.

Around the globe, especially in the Middle East, governments have collapsed under the weight of protests.  Again, the people are speaking out.  Human rights can no longer be ignored.  Oppression, brutality and evil in the likes of Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gaddafi, and Osama Bin Laden cannot stand in this sweep of energy of world events.  Humanity will no longer tolerate murderers who kill for the sake of killing or profess dominance of their kind over another, no matter what the religious or ethnic differences are.  The energy of this world is changing and the “us versus them” must be  overruled by simply, “us,”  “we,” or “the people of this Earth.”

I am sure that many of you can feel the change because we’ve been it in.  It’s not going to magically appear on 12-12-12; it’s been changing for a long time.  All one has to do is read the papers or talk to others.  To me, things feel different – they have for some time.

Let us all, therefore, take a minute to notice change, to be the change, do what we can to help the change for the betterment of humans worldwide.  Whether or not you actually believe it is happening, you can’t doubt that something has taken place.  It’s an opening up of the goodness of humans, the desire to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  It crosses every boundary, speaks every language, is encompassed in every religion.  The energy of 12-12-12 has been with us globally and will continue to be.  12-12-12 equals change for the good for the people on earth, the health and continuation of every being and miraculous function of this planet.  It’s the only hope we have.


Wal-Mart Black Friday Strike Is Really About YOUR Rights, Too!

Wal-Mart Black Friday Strike hopefully will bring changes to labor laws.

I side totally with the striking Wal-Mart workers who plan to walk out tomorrow, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. Allow me to blabber on for a few minutes about this Wal-Mart action and why we all need to support it.

Now I realize that some of you love Walmart. Their cheap stuff and mantra, “Save money, Live better” sounds like they care about you.  They don’t.  All the Walton family cares about is their wallets – period.  As their wealth is vast, any potential unrest in the company will be squashed.

Of COURSE they deny any wrongdoing.   They’re lying through their teeth! It’s their word, or the word of their PR people against HOW MANY WORKERS? Unrest in the company has been swept under the rug for many years;  I think the broom has just been yanked out of their hands, broken  in two.  There’s a big lump under the carpet; the dirt is spilling out.

The internet is rife with information about Wal-Mart’s employment practices, but I hardly think that they are the only corporation which uses subterfuge and illegal tactics against their employees.

What IS behind the Black Friday Strike?  Wal-Mart has, in a sense, trampled workers’ rights. They do not want their workers to be able to unionize because that will give workers something Wal-Mart fears:  power! Hence the harassment and dirty tricks involving their employees and the baldfaced lies to the public that they are a company that cares!  Bullshit!

While some complain about the unions, remember that in those early days the unions stood up against employees’ mistreatment. They championed worker’s rights,  rallied against child labor, wanted to make sure that employees had safer working conditions and helped get the right of workers to be aided in the case of injury.  READ MORE at the History Channel.

Now we’ve come forward over 100 years.  Not being a union member I will state the two points:  labor unions were good and sometimes ultimately bad.  Good, in that they helped to bring about drastic change and protection to all employees.  Bad, because their high wages and benefits during the heyday 40-50 years ago, probably helped in the shift to manufacturing overseas (see Bureau of Labor Stastics link below) as corporate America’s 1% got greedier. ll in all, though, standing up for workers outweighs the bad.

This Wal-Mart Black Friday strike is certainly drawing attention to the current situation of employment.  As our economy increasingly shifts to a service sector, corporations might want to take some serious notice.  In the following link from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  scroll down the page through each category and the trend will become clear.  More service area jobs, outside of the booming healthcare industry, like retail trade, is 4th on the list of the projected growth sector.  Wal-Mart — are you listening?

What is my hope for this strike?  Employers in every sector need to pay attention to the Wal-Mart Black Friday walkout, and not just in retail.  My wish is that this opens up the closet of dirty little secrets for every large company who mistreats its workers with threats of retaliation,  unfair and unrealistic company policies that hearken back to the early days of the last century.  This Black Friday walkout is the can opener on the can of worms, and my wish is that employees of every company help to turn the crank.

It is TIME that the workers of this country unite again. We are fast losing our right of respect as human beings in the workplace.  Increasingly employers hiring only part-time employees who aren’t given enough hours to qualify for any benefits, even on a limited scale.  Individual corporate mandates  forbid employees to work another job.

We are human beings, not machines.  Unlike a car, where one gets in, turns the key and goes off at 100 mph, stops, then gets back in and does it again: the human body is not designed to do that.  Corporate America has forgotten that.  Nothing matters but the bottom line.  We are all expendable; when one falls, someone else will take their place. The economy being what it is we’re so desperate for work that we’ll take anything, even if it borders on modern-day slavery; even if it demeans us, reducing us to just another number on a payroll.

Wal-Mart’s Black Friday strike is the line in the sand.  These employees are drawing that line for themselves, but also for every other worker in this country! This is our line in the sand, too! We want respect restored to the workplace, recognition of our humanity, encouragement and praise for what we do for our company instead of threats, intimidation and harassment. What happens here, at the nation’s largest employer, will hopefully produce a ripple effect in labor laws. Others will come forward from different companies to stand up for their rights and for your rights, too.  We are all one collective workforce family and every single one of us working today, should THANK the Wal-Mart employees who are brave enough to Stand Up and Live Better!

Wal-Mart strikers:  I’M WITH YOU, 100%!

TO FIND A STRIKE at a Wal-Mart near you, click HERE!

Words As Weapons: The Activism of Speaking out

We’re just days away from the  2012 election and we stand on a precipice. On one hand is a man from a mixed race union, who is far more connected to the people of this country. Born sans the silver spoon of his opponent,  Barack Obama has been an advocate for the people  and for our political system since his early days. To me, Barack Obama seems more “real” and in tune with the America that we, the 99%, are a part of. 

His rival, Mitt Romney was born into a more affluent incarnation. He has done well for himself,  making obscene amounts of money then doing what many of the 1% do so well: hide it to avoid paying taxes. As a venture capitalist, his company, Bain Capital has made a tremendous amount of money on the backs of the 47%.  His recorded comments which he tries to whitewash, deny  and circumvent, blatantly show his lack of compassion and connection to the people of this country, our environment and the world.  A chameleon for a president  in the most powerful country in the world is a dangerous  precedent.  He scares me.  I don’t trust him.

It’s time for the status quo to go.  The “Occupy” movement has brought to light many facets that corporate America would just as well keep in the closet.    While the 1%, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson  and their ilk, practice corporate and political subterfuge – and get away with it courtesy of laws like Citizen’s United – we here at the bottom continue to be stomped on.  The obscenely rich want to stay that way and will do anything and everything to silence dissenters.  We cannot allow this any longer.  

In an exquisite post on  Reader Supported News, author Rebecca Solnit vividly points out why our  society must change from its passiveness nature to activism.  As she points out in the article, the process of “calling out” the untruths to society at large, naming them and getting them out front is what’s needed.  To quote from the article: “Much of the work around human rights begins with accurately and aggressively reframing the status quo as an outrage, whether it’s misogyny or racism or poisoning the environment.”

As I said in a earlier post:  “We Need To Occupy Everything!” and start now! I have no idea how to change all this.  I am not versed in the inner working of the political system, but I do know it’s been bought and paid for by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, the Walton’s of Wal-Mart, the Koch brothers and thousands of this country’s élite with nothing more than money on their side and intense desire to control our very lives.

We must do what we can to infuse new blood into the political system.  Change the status quo in Washington.  As was recently said by President Obama:  You can’t change Washington from the inside, it needs to be changed from the outside.   Appoint people — real people — connected to the preservation of human rights and all on this planet. No career politicians need apply. 

Instead of just handing elected officials a salary, why not let them EARN IT? Doesn’t the average citizen have to earn their wages as well? They don’t get paid if they don’t show up for work.  Why not  apply this to  those in government?

If they do something which truly benefits their constituents, this country or the world,  fine – they’ll get paid.

On the other hand if they “fail to show up for work” by bickering and fighting across the aisles, wasting taxpayer’s money, being a do-nothing Congress or the “Party of NO,” they’ll not see a dime added to their bank accounts.    Passing insanely ridiculous & wasteful bills will get them zip!  Failure to LISTEN to the people of this country when its citizens overwhelmingly oppose something,  thus swamping their representatives with phone calls, faxes, texts and e-mails, will result in no pay!     

It’s a massive undertaking which calls for lots of loudmouths like myself:  political, food, environmental and human rights activists.  With our words we can bring truth to light.  With our words we can spur others to question what they’ve long believed to be true.  Our words can cause the stagnant to act, to ignite the heart and passions of people all over the world. We can chip away at that mountain of greed and avarice.  Our words can be the transfusion of new blood into a system that has been sucked dry by the ticks of corporate greed.  We can scream with our words, in a loud voice, which cannot be blocked out!  We can and must use our words as weapons and spread the  real word, the real truth which cannot be denied by those sequestered behind the guarded gate.

Monsanto & Mitt Romney: Vote for HIM, Get More of THEM

Mitt Romney has a long history with Monsanto

Mitt Romney has  very distinct ties to Monsanto.  From an environmental, health and food standpoint, this is a very disturbing fact concerning the 2012 election.

From his days at Boston’s  Bain & Company in the 1970s, Romney helped turn Monsanto’s image from a chemical colossus into the genetic engineering giant.  Former Monsanto CEO, John Hanley was very close to Mitt, who concentrated on molding Monsanto’s image.  Hanley also helped with Romney’s career at Bain, which prompted Romney’s boss, Bill Bain, to form “Bain Capital” to keep Romney in the fold.

Bain’s work with Monsanto included a campaign of whitewashing negative influences on the effects of Round-Up.  Monsanto’s management was not focused on the long-term environmental impacts but (no surprise here) on the bottom line of upcoming  financial quarters. The switch to “life science” products for Monsanto was a ploy to placate naysayers and environmentalists.  By sanitizing their image, this would  appear that Monsanto was actually interested in  doing something for the planet and its people.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

We all know the history of Monsanto:  Round Up, GMO products, bovine growth hormone, genetic engineering, PCBs and Agent Orange.  The frightening fact here is that  If Mitt Romney is elected, Monsanto will sink its hooks even deeper into the American government and the food system.

Read–> the Mother Jones article on how Romney has helped Monsanto!

Despite the overwhelming evidence about the dangers of GMOs from independent studies, Monsanto has gone to great lengths to disavow this.  It’s currently battling California’s Proposition 37 on labeling GMO ingredients in food.  Rest assured, if Romney IS elected, we will see a rise in efforts to approve many more GMO crops and appoint Monsanto-friendly politicians in government. As an environmental food activist, this frightens me!

“Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.” ~former communications manager for Monsanto.

FDA approvals are a joke to people like myself who’ve long known the inside track on influence in government agencies.  Monsanto has written  riders into laws to benefit itself, bullied, threatened and wormed its way into the FDA.  The FDA stamp of approval is worthless when it comes to GMOs.    

Mitt Romney’s appointed agricultural advisory committee  consists of Monsanto cronies. Some have been heavily involved with the marketing of GMOs like Chris Policinski of Land-O-Lakes, and Chuck Connor (National Council of Farmer Cooperatives)  has pushed for the approval of GMO alfalfa in 2010. Another member of this panel is Kate Smith or Osborn Barr, Monsanto’s PR people.     Mike Johanns, George Bush’s agricultural secretary and head of the USDA was in power when Monsanto’s sugar beets and alfalfa were approved without the required environmental impact studies. Additionally he’s made himself available to the political machine’s movers and shakers which run Missouri, Monsanto’s home state.

Mitt Romney has surrounded himself with supporters of Monsanto in government and agriculture for well over 20 years.   He’s sure to continue this into his administration.  God help us all if he’s elected because it will be the beginning of the end for many things.  The organic industry will be adversely affected.   Big Ag will probably be empowered to put more small farmers out of business.  By pandering to the food industry,  undoubtedly food safety  will suffer and, most frighteningly of all…,  Monsanto will come closer to its dream of total control of our food system.  

GMO Labeling Threatens Corporate Profits

The California initiative on the ballot this November, Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Act, is a direct threat to corporate greed.

The players are Monsanto, who leads the world in production of GMO crops.  Followed closely are Monsanto’s partners in crime:  Dow, Syngenta and other biotech giants.  The food industry, namely the Grocery Marketer’s Association, is up in arms over this!  Food manufacturers like Con-Agra, PepsiCo, General Mills, Kellogg’s and other food giants are fighting against it.  Count in others like good ole Wal-Mart, who just agreed to sell GMO corn products.  Then there are the restaurants of the fast food industry who rely on massive amounts of cheap ingredients like this GMO and herbicide-poisoned corn to make their unhealthy food. 

They don’t like this because it threatens their control of our food.  It also will bite deeply into their profits due to packaging changes. Undoubtedly these costs  will be passed on to the consumer.  

In this nation 85% of corn, 91% of soy, 88% of cotton (as in cottonseed oil)  ,  and 95% of sugar beets are grown are GMO. Other crops include canola (oil) zucchini and yellow squash.  Roughly 70% of the food sold in the store is genetically modified. (Yes, you’re eating GMO food right now!)  

These same manufacturers, of course,  will want to cash in on the GMO-free side of the food business, but it would be more expensive for them.  They’ll just shift the non-GMO production to their subsidiaries:  many of which you know as “natural” and “organic”  food companies. See  who owns your organic & natural foods company.

Bottom line here is that GMO labeling, if accepted in California, will likely spread to the rest of the country.  This would be a tremendous blow to the food industry.  According to polls, about 90% of respondents favor labeling of GMO ingredients. 

Why shouldn’t we have GMO labeling?  Monsanto and the GMO proponents don’t want us finding out what’s in our food.  They want to keep the secrets of potential harm due to eating GMO food from consumers; they want to keep hidden the true numbers and horrific environmental and health damage that Round-Up and 2-4-D have caused. 

Already the evidence has gotten too big to contain.  At first it was easy:  silence the naysayers with gag orders, threaten them, falsify and hide crucial data.  Now, however, more independent scientists are speaking out and the internet has become a valuable research tool.  Jeffrey Smith, who heads The Institute of Responsible Technology, has some of the best info on all facets of GMO food. It’s worth a look.

The American people are speaking out!  They want to know what’s in their food!  Why are we being denied the information?

Greed, profits, corporate control – that’s why.


Wal-Mart Could Revitalize U.S. Economy

If Wal-Mart bought more U.S. made products, the economy would benefit

Imagine this: Wal-Mart, the country’s largest employer and the world’s biggest retailer – buying more made in the U.S.A. goods! It’s got the potential to put millions of people back to work in American businesses, revitalize the economy and make the United States revisit its past as a world-class manufacturer.

Admittedly, it is a far-fetched dream, one that may have some of you asking, “What kind of drugs is she on?”

According to the 2011 Forbes 500 statistics, Wal-Mart is ranked #1.  Wal-Mart is the country’s largest employer.  1.5 million are employed here in the United States, another 1 million or so worldwide.

Some history first:  Wal-Mart’s buying power is the stuff of legend in retail. Popular belief has it that Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton insisted on purchasing U.S. goods. At first he was willing to buy from American manufacturers, but they had to tow the line. In the 1980s when the company went through its largest expansion, the “Buy American” strategy lost its shine. Walton was not interested in investing long-term in America because costs were too high. Being the shrewd businessman that he was, it was all about the bottom line.

In his autobiography, Made In America  he stated, “We’re not interested in charity here; we don’t believe in subsidizing substandard work or inefficiency, so our primary goal became to work with American manufacturers, and see if our formidable buying power could help them deliver the goods, and in the process, save some American manufacturing jobs.”   This didn’t last long.  The hunt for cheaply produced merchandise from overseas began in earnest for Wal-Mart in 1981 in Asia, where his competitors had laid groundwork.  If they floundered, Wal-Mart stepped in and took over.

Outwardly, Wal-Mart continued to defend “Made in America” but secretly increased its importing from overseas.  In the early 1980s, Wal-Mart stated that its imports were around 6%. Not so, says Bob Ortega, author of In Sam We Trust, the history of Wal-Mart. In reality they were about 40%.  Wal-Mart set up PREL (Pacific Resources Export Ltd.) to disguise its involvement in the east.  This would allow Wal-Mart to purchase products without being directly involved, on paper, that is.

Fast forward to today.   Our economy is in the tank.  The exodus from American-based manufacturing is the greed factor running in high gear.  Where once this country was a proud land and our economy strong, corporate America has sold out; sold us all out, you, me and millions of others.  It is sad that so many companies which were founded here have outsourced jobs.  The voice you hear on an 800 customer service help line, once had an American accent, now sounds decidedly Indian or Middle Eastern or Asian. Often their limited command of English is barely understandable, names they’ve taken to “sound more American,” laughable:   “Hi, my name is Joe,” but you know it has to be something unpronounceable.  Right here at home, today, Verizon, the nation’s largest phone carrier, is looking to outsource more of its customer service jobs.  My friend Pat, who is a 30+ year veteran, could lose her job.  My sister who works for J.P. Morgan Chase says there is a chance that her job will be sent to the Philippines. This leaves me to wonder:  are there going to be ANY jobs left or are we all going to have to flip burgers?

We’ve seen the gluttonous rise of Wal-Mart across this country, and now they’ve gone overseas.  Many other retailers have done the same, gleaning most of their products from China, Taiwan, India and other countries where wages are low.  Many of these well-known retailers have set up dealings like PREL.  Lowe’s has LG Sourcing  where is gets all of its store merchandise from China.  The next time you visit a store, look at the bottom of what you are buying.  Chances are it will say, Made In China or, to be politically correct and have a two language labeling system, Hecho en China.

Back to my dream:  what IF Wal-Mart alone invested more in America?   Just Wal-Mart!  What would happen if they bought more from U.S. companies right here at home?  Imagine what it would do to the economy, employment and manufacturing statistics in this country!  WOW!  An American company like Wal-Mart buying from U.S. based manufacturers would put employment numbers back on track again!

Imagine if that furniture you bought for your kid’s college dorm room was made in the U.S.A., or that set of tools you bought Dad for his birthday was made here, too.  How about the new flat screen TV, DVD player or the set of sheets you gave Grandma for Christmas?  The new winter blankets, socks, the baby shower gifts, new clothes for your kids for school and their school supplies – all made here in America. That new bicycle for your little sister or a pair of new shoes for yourself – MADE IN THE U.S.A!   The list is endless!  Everyday things that we all use or buy for others; there are so many things that could be made right here in the USA and put lots of people back to work! Keep rolling on this in your own mind!  It could have very profound effects, snowballing into a considerable amount of job growth for the United States.

Of course this IS a dream, though.  For as long as greed rules or the bottom line is king – unless there is some sort of legislation mandating the percent of purchases must be from U.S. companies, this will never happen.  As long as the pull of China is strong, Wal-Mart and other U.S. companies and manufacturers will not return to the American shores.  China has taken over the United States without firing a single shot.  They’ve got us all by the wallet and Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and others are leading the charge.  Shame on you all!

Wal-Mart’s image has suffered greatly in the last few years.  This would be a great way for them to redeem themselves and help this country in the time of need; a fantastic way to spur economic growth and raise employment.  Creating more jobs here in the U.S. would help Wal-Mart’s PR campaign as well as millions of Americans!

2012 Farm Bill: Monsanto Writes Rules For GMO Approvals




Monsanto may finally get its wish on future approval of GMOs.  Nothing short of a miracle regarding final passage of the 2012 Farm Bill when it goes to the Senate will stop Monsanto.  In short, it has used its tentacles of influence deep into government spending about 1.4 million to lobby the USDA, FDA and the EPA, not to mention various politicians. 

What’s wrong with the farm bill?  Lots, according to the Environmental Working Group’s assessment.  —> READ HERE

Source: Open

Monsanto and its supporters tucked many assurances favoring GMOs into this bill.  What does this secret farm bill manipulation tell us? Political corruption at its finest.  As Jack Lohman writes in his article posted in Reader Supported News, while gaming the system is present on both ends of the spectrum (wealthy vs. poor), it’s the influential who have the most to gain.  This certainly is the case with Monsanto. It’s a rubber stamp guaranteeing GMO approval and making certain that Monsanto, and other biotech firms like Dow, Syngenta, DuPont, BASF, get to do what they’ve long wanted:  control the world’s food supply and decimate the organic industry.

The Center for Food Safety’s Andrew Kimball states, “There is no doubt that the objective of this explosive Appropriations bill insertion is to empower a single corporation and a few of its industry friends to move beyond the control of the U.S. courts, USDA and public review to make their own rules and profit from slippery backdoor politics.”

Dean Hoff, VP of the National Family Farm Coalition states:   “This provision has nothing to do with farmers, and everything to do with the biotech industry’s sales,” said Dena Hoff, vice president of the National Family Farm Coalition. “Far from safeguarding farmers, it evades the law of the land and endangers their way of life and their livelihoods. The only parties whose interests would be assured are the corporations developing biotech crops.”

Already in the 2013 farm bill is a provision, again, guaranteed to strengthen biotech’s grip on American farming.  Correspondence sent to the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations by the Center For Food Safety lists various arguments on why this “farmer’s assurance provision”  is a farce.  —> READ HERE.  It is also no accident that this provision was buried deep within the bill.

My own level of disgust has hit an all time high.  It is clear that all the safeguards written into our government have failed. Although our founding fathers did a decent job of drawing up the basics of our government, they never could have envisioned the evil so present and pervasive today.   We no longer have a “government,” but a bunch of prostitutes running this country.  Except for a few like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, the desires of the American public are silenced by money.  Our government does not work for the people but for itself and the good of the highest bidder.  Monsanto is a clear example of this.

I am not in the position to suggest a solution.  I keep hoping, however, that there is SOME safeguard, a monkey wrench thrown into the cogs of Monsanto’s ruthless progression of total food takeover, will come to pass.  Unless there is some miracle, our food is destined to become totally laden with GMOs.  Our environment and total planetary ecosystem will be eventually destroyed further by massive use of chemicals; populations poisoned and sickened by their own food. The organic industry will wither and die due to GMO contamination, and refusal of other world food markets to accept our GMO-laden food.     

What can we do?  Sign has a STOP MONSANTO RIDER.  I urge everyone to sign it and pass it on.  Also, VOICE YOUR OPINION to your lawmakers! 

Our voices, however, are one thing what we still have left!