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FDA Approves GMO Salmon

The FDA just approved genetically modified salmon for human consumption.

The FDA just approved genetically modified salmon for human consumption.

GMO salmon was just approved  for human consumption by the FDA as reported by the Center For Food Safety.  This is yet another breach of trust of the American people that the FDA has to offer.

As  I previously reported  on this site 2 years ago, “FDA Says Frankenfish No Different,”  the FDA has obviously ignored the millions of American people, over 40 members of Congress, as well as environmental, large sections of the fishing industry, animal rights activists and restaurant industry and food companies alike.

This is yet another travesty linking the FDA’s total lack of common sense and concern for the American people as well as the environment.

It has become very clear in the past few years that the FDA, along with other agencies designed to protect the people of this country like the EPA and USDA — have been bought and influenced by “Big Food,” Big Ag,” and the chemical and biotech industries.

This has got to stop!

Speaking on behalf of the Center For Food Safety, Executive Director Andrew Kimball said:

“The review process by FDA was inadequate, failed to fully examine the likely impacts of the salmon’s introduction, and lacked a comprehensive analysis. This decision sets a dangerous precedent, lowering the standards of safety in this country. CFS will hold FDA to their obligations to the American people.”

Continuing on,

“FDA has not acted in good faith with the American people. Rather than informing the public, FDA’s announcement appears to be intended to minimize public awareness.”

This is the latest in a string of approvals for federal agencies which will ultimately harm the environment and continue poisoning us.  In February, the EPA approved Dow Chemical’s “Enlist” herbicide:  a combination of glyphosate (Round-Up) and 2-4-D (Atrazine) to combat the weed-resistance CAUSED BY ROUND-UP!

I wrote extensively about this in 2012; the effects on human health of 2-4-D, which is a component of “Agent Orange.”

GMO salmon is just another step in the bastardizing and takeover of our food.

Where will it end?


Double Death Cocktail: Dow’s Enlist Duo – Roundup and 2-4-D


Dow Agro Sciences is seeking approval for a new type of weed killer combining Round-Up and 2-4-D.  The EPA is considering approval of Enlist-Duo, a potent cocktail to help struggling farmers battle super weeds caused by Roundup.

This is a nightmare scenario.  Round-up and 2-4-D are already in widespread use by not only farmers but also homeowners.

We are slowly poisoning ourselves to death!

The major concern is children’s health.  As children absorb chemicals at a tenfold rate as compared to adults, this is particularly troubling. As shown on an interactive map, there are approximately 11,000 schools that are within 1,000 feet of corn or soy fields.  Another 5,600 schools are within 200 feet!

Dow Agro Sciences downplays the effects of their Round-Up and 2-4-D concoction, saying that the 2-4-D “is not your Granddad’s 2-4-D” meaning it doesn’t have as much potential for drift. Still, this is a potent mix of chemicals shown to have adverse health effects.  Numerous studies have shown a link between cancer and reproductive dysfunctions.  

I have a bad feeling about this.  Considering the EPA’s record of past approvals, and the fact that basically – let’s admit it, folks – the EPA is in the pocket of Dow Chemicals. It will not surprise me a bit if the pleas of over a half million people  went unheard and the EPA granted approval for this poison.

Mark my words:  I predict that in a few years this same concoction will be available in a lesser form, marketed to homeowners!


Huff Post: Federal Support For Potent Weedkiller Raises Fears About Children’s Health

Wikipedia: Enlist Duo Herbicide

Food Wonderings: Confessions Of A Food Writer

I’ve been researching and writing about what’s in food for almost 10 years now and believe me – it hasn’t left me unscathed.  The last 3 posts I’ve written, “Getting Ripped Off In A Restaurant,” “Sulfites In Food: Sodium Metabisulfite,” and “Meat Glue:  Is Your Steak Real Or Fake,”  have renewed the sense in me of food panic.

That’s right:  food panic, akin to what I had when I read those classics by authors such as Morgan Spurlock (“Don’t Eat This Book-The Supersizing Of America.”) and the mother lode of information about the food industry, “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser.

The meat glue article I researched a few days ago now has me totally off going into restaurants and ordering what is supposed to be a good cut of steak.  For all I know it’s cobbled together pieces of a lesser cut made out to be the real McCoy of prime steak.  That’s got me freaked out! To know, also, that perhaps unsuspecting restaurant patrons who, for religious reasons, do not eat beef or pork may also be eating it when they order fish cuts.  The fact that we as a country are being lied to left and right by not only our government (read the FDA, USDA and others) who are designed to protect us, but the entire restaurant industry as well.

Bottom line is unless you stay home all the time and cook organic food for yourself there is really no way to know what you are eating.

How many of us do that?

I work part-time in a grocery store.  I’m freaked out about the produce, constantly wondering what’s on it.  (yeah I know – various pesticides) – that’s gotten me off store-bought veggies.

I won’t even buy anything from the meat counter.  Images of cattle, pigs and chickens strung up on assembly line processing conveyors – not to mention how they are raised and what they are fed and them what they are injected with prior to slaughter – scares the crap out of me.

Who are we really supposed to trust?  Can we truly put our faith IN organics?  What about GMO contamination?

We’re supposed to be able to trust the government’s agencies to protect us from unscrupulous food practices but it’s been shown in the past that they can’t even do THIS job effectively.  The FDA is like an old toothless dog. It can’t bite back or even look threatening because of Washington’s lobbyists from Big Food.  As far as I am concerned, the FDA is a waste of time. The USDA is in the same class with the FDA – another toothless wonder mired in bribes and bullshit.  Forget the EPA, too.  They’ve backpedaled on their share of protective efforts – all because of the money in Washington.  This is sickening.

Yeah – I’m feeling kind of hopeless right now.  Scared too, because what are we supposed to do?  The food industry has us by the balls and in the article below by Eric Schlosser, it seems things haven’t gotten any better.

I’m wondering what or what NOT to eat next.  Sometimes I wish I still was ignorant about all of this;  could go back 10 years and not know what I know about food.

The only thing I can do is keep reading labels, trying to limit my intake of suspect foods (which right at the moment is ALL of them!)  and keep passing on information to you in hopes that it makes you more aware. Perhaps you, too, will want to add your voice to the maddening crowd.


10 Years After Fast Food Nation – Eric Schlosser reflects

Getting Ripped Off In A Restaurant

What you see isn’t what you get when you order a restaurant meal.


Because of budget cutbacks, the FDA is only able to test about 3% of all incoming food.     America imports about 86% of the fish it consumes, much of it from Vietnam and China where sanitation and growing conditions are far below American standards.

Restaurant salmon claiming to be “wild caught” probably isn’t. It’s probably not the wild-caught Pacific variety but rather farmed Atlantic salmon.  A 2011 study by the University of Washington of Tacoma reported  after DNA testing that as much as 38% of salmon purported to be wild Pacific was actually farmed Atlantic salmon.

That exotic-sounding Chilean sea bass on the menu is more often than not a rather nightmarish-looking fish called a Patagonian Toothfish.  Asian pangasius (or ponga) frequently passed off as everything from catfish to sole to flounder to grouper.

A Patagonian Toothfish is probably your Chilean Sea Bass

A Patagonian Toothfish is probably your Chilean Sea Bass

Out of about 1,200 samples collected from 674 retail outlets  in 21 states nationwide, seafood was routinely mislabeled about 33%  to 54% of the time. That red snapper in your sushi probably isn’t snapper but could be a cheaper version called “tilefish,” currently on the FDA’s list of “Do Not Eat” – especially for pregnant women and children because of the mercury content.

Consumer Reports tested fresh and frozen fish using DNA samples and the results were not encouraging:

  • Only 4 out of 14 types purchased were labeled correctly:  Chilean sea bass, coho salmon, and bluefin and ahi tuna.
  • 18% didn’t match the labels on menus, in stores on placards.  DNA tests revealed that catfish, sole, lemon sole, grouper, halibut, king salmon, sockeye salmon, red snapper and  yellowfin tuna were most often mislabeled.
  • Of the 10 varieties of “lemon soles,” and half of the “red snappers”  were not found to be what they claimed to be.
  • “Tilefish,” is often substituted for grouper and is a fish to be avoided,  because it has on average 3 times more mercury than grouper, according to the FDA.
  • Consumer Reports has found that 25% of fish is mislabeled.
  • Many times catfish is imported from Vietnam where fish are raised in feces-clogged ponds, treated with drugs that are illegal in the U.S. and live in water infused with pesticide runoff from fields.
  • In Asia where much of tilapia comes from, it’s raised in water that teems with pathogenic bacteria.  Often pig manure is used for feed. It’s cheap but contains salmonella, which makes fish more susceptible to disease.


Your steak my not be a true steak or tenderloin but actually scraps glued together with something called “meat glue” – a blood protein derived from either pork or beef. Read Food, Truth & Freedom’s post on “Meat Glue” for more information.  YUMMY! This also has dietary religious consequences, too.  Those who do not eat beef or pork may be doing so even eating seafood because meat glue is used to bind together crab meat as well as other seafood cuts.


Oceanana Study:  Mislabeling of Restaurant Fish

Forbes: Fake Fish On Shelves

Food & Water Watch:  Seafood Report.

Dow’s 2-4-D Corn = More Cancer, Birth Defects, Environmental Disaster

It was two years ago that I blogged about the battle for Dow’s 2-4-D corn.The USDA was still accepting comments on its pending approval. Now it seems, despite a huge public outcry, not only from concerned citizens but also from farmers, health professionals and environmentalists, the USDA  is leaning heavily for approving it.

Photo:  USDA

Photo: USDA

2-4-D, or Atrazine, is in popular Weed & Feed, Weed B Gon, Turfbuilder products. It was developed for chemical warfare in WWII and used in Viet Nam as part of a solution in Agent Orange as a defoliant. It is a known carcinogen: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and possible soft tissue sarcomas (cancer) are indicated, as are increased rates of Parkinson’s disease & lung cancer.  Respiratory and circulatory birth defects have been linked to it.

Despite a very strong link to cancer, hormonal disruption, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma,  birth defects and other illnesses,   2-4-D is marketed to consumers for use around their homes as a multi-use broadleaf weedkiller.  Millions of American homeowners use this on their lawns in one form or another in sprays, dusts or in a pelletized version. It is also in other lawn care products such as “Winterizers,”  and “Turfbuliders.” It is very likely that year-round exposure is not uncommon: “weed and feed” being used in the spring and summer, “Turfbuilders” from spring through fall and “winterizer” just before winter sets in.  Consumers who rely on these chemicals to keep their lawns looking golf course perfect are spreading poison on their property all year without realizing it. 

Monsanto’s Round-Up has been failing in recent years due to the ability of weeds to adapt and resist its application.  This is the next generation of herbicide-resistant spray to be formulated with an even more potent and dangerous chemical, Atrazine or 2-4-D.

Dow’s Enlist seeds, will be able to withstand applications of 2-4-D and Round Up.

Wait and see.  This miracle chemical’s effects will not last, either.  Just like Round Up, after awhile the same thing will happen and farmers will find themselves back where they started:  weeds out of control.

Now we will have millions of acres of corn being sprayed with 2-4-D and Round up combined.

  • Groundwater will be contaminated with yet another harmful chemical.
  • It will be IN that corn that you eat & all other foods you buy from the store – because corn is in everything!
  • Beef cattle, chickens, pigs, turkeys will eat this – YOU will eat it too.
  • Contamination will be in immediate areas through wind.
  • HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of acres of corn each year could be sprayed with it.
  • It will wash from the nation’s corn belt into rivers and the seas.
  • Small farmers will be tied to yet another corn seed and chemical
  • Approval will lead to MORE GMO products because USDA sees nothing wrong with them.
  • Corporate entities will have even more control over our lives.

Our government has failed us again.  By bowing to the one-sided test results – and the lobbyists and to Dow’s influence in government, and not to mention – big bucks – We The People will again become Guinea pigs.

This shows me that our government does not care about its citizens, only mega profit for mega corporations.

TAKE ACTION:  Go to THIS PAGE and sign the petition against Dow’s GMO 2-4-D corn

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Drug Resistant Bacteria Found in Grocery Store Meat

Antibiotics are routinely used to treat feedlot animals whether they are sick or not.

Antibiotics are routinely used to treat feedlot animals whether they are sick or not.

In a study of 136 meat samples from 26 different grocery stores in 5 states, the Translational Genomics Research Institute of Arizona found high instances of drug resistant bacteria.  Antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, was found in each case.  Staph infections are the leading cause of death in the United States each year, even surpassing HIV.

Feedlot farmers routinely treat their animals with antibiotics even before they show signs of illness, adding them to feed and water.    Drugs used include penicillin, tetracylines, sulfonamides, all of which are routinely used for human illnesses. The disturbing fact is that many illnesses treated in humans have become more drug resistant because of overuse of these drugs in animals.   MRSA (pronounced mersa) is a staphylococcus infection that has developed over the past few years which is unaffected by the drug methacillin, penicillin and cephalosporin. Highly resistant to any antibiotics, MRSA has been contracted by people in hospitals not admitted for its treatment.  It has also been known to be transmitted by handling baby chicks which are infected with salmonella.

This is no surprise, however, to anyone who has been following developments in the food industry and medical world.  Industrialized farms, a.k.a.,   CAFOS (concentrated animal feeding operations or feedlots) are so crowded that animals are prone to various diseases.  Animals at these facilities are given drugs to prevent infection because of the filthy environment they’re raised in and stress of close confinement.   It’s no wonder that antibiotics aren’t working the way they were designed to.

Partial blame goes to physicians and patients for the drug resistant epidemic.  Consumers have gotten so germaphobic in the last few decades. Hand sanitizers can be seen everywhere.  Consumers snatch up bottles of anything labeled “antibacterial.”  At the slightest sneeze or hint of ‘the FLU,’ they run to the doctor and ask for antibiotics.  Doctors are courted by the drug industry and offered the latest new pills, many of them antibiotics.  With the pressure to see as many patients as they can, often the simplest thing is to pat the patient on the head, write a script for antibiotics and send them on their way in the allotted 15 minutes. But antibiotics don’t cure every condition.

Purchasing meat from a local farmer who raises grass-fed meat is the best bet to avoid drug resistant bacteria in meat.  Grassfed animals are far healthier and don’t require antibiotics because they are in their natural environment.  You’ll be doing your body a great favor and helping your local farmers and the sustainable food system.

Suggested reading:  FAST FOOD NATION by Eric Schlosser

Indian Children’s Poisoning: Monocroptophos Pesticide Exposure

Over 20 children die in India from highly toxic pesticide poisoning. PHOTO:  AP, Aftab Alam Siddiqui

Over 20 children die in India from highly toxic pesticide poisoning. PHOTO: AP, Aftab Alam Siddiqui

It is unclear at this point what caused the deaths of over 20 Indian children last week but officials are starting to suspect pesticide monocrotophos  poisoning.

Results are not clear as of this writing, but the suspect pesticide, monocroptophos, is highly toxic to humans and mammals.  It is of the class called organophosphates which number about 250 in the world of pesticides.

The children exhibited symptoms of pesticide poisoning:   nausea, headaches, twitching, trembling, excessive salivation and tearing, inability to breathe because of paralysis of the diaphragm and convulsions before dying.

Developed during World War 2, organophosphates – one of the most well known is sarin gas, a nerve gas – began to show promise as a use for controlling pests. Incidentally, these pesticides kill insects in the same was as they kill humans: complete nervous system failure and subsequent death.

This particular pesticide has been banned in 1988 in the United States but is still available worldwide.

Know that these poor children suffered a painful death because of negligence on the part of someone.

UPDATE:  Monocroptophos poisoning confirmed.


Monocroptophos information