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Words As Weapons: The Activism of Speaking out

We’re just days away from the  2012 election and we stand on a precipice. On one hand is a man from a mixed race union, who is far more connected to the people of this country. Born sans the silver spoon of his opponent,  Barack Obama has been an advocate for the people  and for our political system since his early days. To me, Barack Obama seems more “real” and in tune with the America that we, the 99%, are a part of. 

His rival, Mitt Romney was born into a more affluent incarnation. He has done well for himself,  making obscene amounts of money then doing what many of the 1% do so well: hide it to avoid paying taxes. As a venture capitalist, his company, Bain Capital has made a tremendous amount of money on the backs of the 47%.  His recorded comments which he tries to whitewash, deny  and circumvent, blatantly show his lack of compassion and connection to the people of this country, our environment and the world.  A chameleon for a president  in the most powerful country in the world is a dangerous  precedent.  He scares me.  I don’t trust him.

It’s time for the status quo to go.  The “Occupy” movement has brought to light many facets that corporate America would just as well keep in the closet.    While the 1%, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson  and their ilk, practice corporate and political subterfuge – and get away with it courtesy of laws like Citizen’s United – we here at the bottom continue to be stomped on.  The obscenely rich want to stay that way and will do anything and everything to silence dissenters.  We cannot allow this any longer.  

In an exquisite post on  Reader Supported News, author Rebecca Solnit vividly points out why our  society must change from its passiveness nature to activism.  As she points out in the article, the process of “calling out” the untruths to society at large, naming them and getting them out front is what’s needed.  To quote from the article: “Much of the work around human rights begins with accurately and aggressively reframing the status quo as an outrage, whether it’s misogyny or racism or poisoning the environment.”

As I said in a earlier post:  “We Need To Occupy Everything!” and start now! I have no idea how to change all this.  I am not versed in the inner working of the political system, but I do know it’s been bought and paid for by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, the Walton’s of Wal-Mart, the Koch brothers and thousands of this country’s élite with nothing more than money on their side and intense desire to control our very lives.

We must do what we can to infuse new blood into the political system.  Change the status quo in Washington.  As was recently said by President Obama:  You can’t change Washington from the inside, it needs to be changed from the outside.   Appoint people — real people — connected to the preservation of human rights and all on this planet. No career politicians need apply. 

Instead of just handing elected officials a salary, why not let them EARN IT? Doesn’t the average citizen have to earn their wages as well? They don’t get paid if they don’t show up for work.  Why not  apply this to  those in government?

If they do something which truly benefits their constituents, this country or the world,  fine – they’ll get paid.

On the other hand if they “fail to show up for work” by bickering and fighting across the aisles, wasting taxpayer’s money, being a do-nothing Congress or the “Party of NO,” they’ll not see a dime added to their bank accounts.    Passing insanely ridiculous & wasteful bills will get them zip!  Failure to LISTEN to the people of this country when its citizens overwhelmingly oppose something,  thus swamping their representatives with phone calls, faxes, texts and e-mails, will result in no pay!     

It’s a massive undertaking which calls for lots of loudmouths like myself:  political, food, environmental and human rights activists.  With our words we can bring truth to light.  With our words we can spur others to question what they’ve long believed to be true.  Our words can cause the stagnant to act, to ignite the heart and passions of people all over the world. We can chip away at that mountain of greed and avarice.  Our words can be the transfusion of new blood into a system that has been sucked dry by the ticks of corporate greed.  We can scream with our words, in a loud voice, which cannot be blocked out!  We can and must use our words as weapons and spread the  real word, the real truth which cannot be denied by those sequestered behind the guarded gate.


Imagine This: Corporate Patriotism, Government Involvement = A Better U.S.A.


Imagine the gov’t listening to us!

Can you take a minute to dream with me?  Imagine this: Corporate America actually creating jobs here in the United States.  Imagine this, too: The U.S. government actually listening to the people of America instead of the whims of corporate America. Those two things could transform this country in ways we’ve never seen!

What would happen if some of these mega-corporations decided to say, “Let’s help out our nation and put people back to work.  We’ll take some of our profits and invest in America. We want people to have pride in our country again and we want the citizens to see that we really are a good American company! After all, we have the resources to make great changes all across America.” 

Suppose the United States government actually did its job and worked FOR the American people:  listening, protecting, advocating for the citizens of this land.  Isn’t that what the plethora of government agencies are for:  the FDA, USDA and the EPA? What about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? Weren’t these entities established to protect the people from governmental abuse? 

Ralph Nader recently proposed what he termed “Corporate Patriotism” in an article written in Reader Supported News.  Excellent ideas and something that could turn this country around.

Instead of greed, why not compassion toward the millions of us without full-time jobs?  We don’t want handouts:  welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance – we want decent jobs!  We want to work, to feel useful, not used or forgotten or unworthy. Bring those jobs back home from China, India, Pakistan, Thailand and see what could happen to this economy! We want to work at real work, not at service jobs paying just over the minimum wage with no benefits.

In lieu of the news that the Supreme Court decided not to take another look at Citizens United, which is a shameful misnomer.  There is nothing “united” for “citizens” in this.  It’s all about favoritism and opportunity for corporate America.  If anything, it’s corporations uniting against America:  using their vast monetary resources to buy and influence government to do their bidding.  It should be declared illegal. The Supreme Court has its head up its ass!    

The United States government continues to ignore the American people.  Polls show that 93% want labeling on GMO ingredients in food. GMOs are benned in many countries and any GMO food must be labeled in about 50 places worldwide.  Alas, here in the United States – where GMO ingredients are in about 90% of our food,  the government backs down again and again.  Why?  The all-fearsome Monsanto!  It is so powerful that nobody wants to take it on.  Why?  Because nobody has had enough balls to bring them down.  Why?  Our justice system, the USDA, the FDA and the EPA have wimped out time after time:  there’s no teeth in the laws to hold these companies accountable.  Money, influence, threats of lawsuits cause even our own GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES to tuck their tails between their legs, whimper and run the other way.  How can this be that companies like Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont and others have so much power, so much influence that our own government is afraid of them?  Where are the LAWS to protect the citizens of this country?  Sen. Bernie Sanders (below) puts forth a reasonable argument which, alas, was not adopted in the Food Bill of 2012.

WE THE PEOPLE built this nation.  It was on the backs of our ancestors that this country was founded. Our fathers, grandfathers, great and great-great grandfathers toiled to build the cities of this nation.  Brave enough to go into the unknown, they ventured across this vast continent to the opposite sea.  Their dream was to have a home, land and be free of oppression.

Today we see that dream has failed. Our government — and I might add, NOT just this present administration  — has morphed into a puppet of corporate America.  No longer do WE THE PEOPLE have any say.  Oh yes, we can vote – but it means nothing because elected officials are not working for the American people but the corporations.

What would happen if our elected officials were paid according to what they did for their constituents?  No automatic salary, perks, benefits.  If they could stop bickering like little children and realize that IT IS THEIR JOB to work for the American people, not against them!

Imagine this:  America becoming great again.  People honestly being proud to be  Americans.  A compassionate, human government that works for the people and with the people of this nation.  Companies that are made by law to tow the line, invest IN America and proudly say, “Look what we’ve done.” 

……. what a dream and it could come true…..if…..


Corporate Personhood = Too Much Power For Big “Everything”

Corporate Personhood mandated by the  Supreme Court 2 years ago engulfed our government  in a wave of corporate money.  The Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission in 2010 paved the way to make it easier for BIG money to have more influence in politics. 

Corporate Personhood has strengthened the influence of large corporations.  In the food movement we use phrases like BIG Ag, BIG Biotech, BIG Chemical, BIG  Food to mean the corporate monoliths who run our country.

Since when does the government have the right to tell us what we can or cannot eat? Oh…, wait…, I know:  since the FDA and USDA decided that “in the public interest,” which is a blanket statement designed to cover all citizens.   Some of us are not “all citizens,” because we recognize the unhealthy nature of what’s forced on us today in the stores which barely passes as food! 

FOOD FREEDOM is the rallying cry!  Mothers with children who suffer from allergies want to feed their children raw milk and unpasteurized milk products. Our ancestors did this for thousands of years since bovines were domesticated, and humans are still here!   Others, like myself, who also support raw milk, know that the white, watered down, adulterated stuff in every grocery store is little like the milk fresh from the cow. This assembly line milk contains a plethora of artificial and potentially dangerous additions like unnecessary antibiotics.  We know that pasteurization kills vital and beneficial nutrients in fresh milk.   We DON’T WANT to eat ‘Big Food’ any longer, but the FDA, USDA, state and local agencies refuse to grant us one simple choice:  FOOD FREEDOM!



Across this nation today there are thousands, if not millions,  fighting for food sovereignty, sustainable farming, and a return to localized food systems which were more common in the early part of the last century. The disconnect has begun from the food monoliths which rule our lives.

Justice John Paul Stevens hit the nail on the head, echoing what people all around the country sar saying about corporate personhood.  He said,

“Corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires. Corporations help structure and facilitate the activities of human beings, to be sure, and their ‘personhood’ often serves as a useful legal fiction. But they are not themselves members of ‘We the People’ by whom and for whom our Constitution was established.”

Robert Weissman of the group, Public Citizen said, “The failure of our democracy to respond to the many urgent crises facing the nation — high unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, and rapid global climate change — is a direct result of excessive corporate political influence.”

We need to rally behind groups like PUBLIC CITIZEN who have been championing the rights of American Citizens for 40 years. 

Corporate Personhood means the death of democracy.  It is fueled by greed, profits, the bottom line and a total disregard for human life — period!

Unless a corporation is 100% behind humanity, stands for the healing of this planet, sustainable living and  PUTS HUMANS OVER PROFITS & INFLUENCE, then there is no hope for this world.  Our wars will continue,  genocide in all forms will run rampant, starvation will claim millions of lives, the poisoning of the planet by  chemical biotech corporations will kill in its insidious ways, and our freedoms will slowly dissolve.


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Food Truth and Freedom

FOOD TRUTH and FREEDOM is the outgrowth of my old blog which was on WordPress until last week.  That blog was shut down (by me) because I was being spied on by chemical companies in the name of “marketing and PR.” 

They monitor all social media:  Facebook, Twitter, blogs and anything they can get their hands on.  It is entirely legal for them to do so.

Our rights are being taken away every day by corporate America.  Two years ago the Supreme Court wiped out a century’s worth of laws which forbade corporate influence in government.  “Citizens United”  gave personhood status to corporations in effect saying the have the same Constitutional rights as humans.  It declared them ‘people,’ and ‘money’ to be an expression of Free Speech. This gave corporate America the edge in the political arena allowing it to freely spend millions for the election of our lawmakers.  In truth, this made corporations part of our government.  This is wrong.

Watch Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont explain about Citizen’s United:


Where does food come into this?  Everyday throughout the millions of retail establishments that sell food, (grocery stores to restaurants) the government and large corporations are telling us what we can and cannot eat.

Despite the growing public outcry, in many places in the United States it is illegal: 

  • For a farmer to sell unpasteurized milk from his cows or goats.
  • To make or sell unpasteurized milk products unless you have a license to operate an inspected dairy
  • To slaughter your own meat from your own animals on your own property, even though this is done in conditions which are cleaner than state regulations require.
  • Transport unpasteurized (raw) milk across state lines.

The government-run agencies:  FDA, USDA, EPA  and others tell food companies what they are allowed to use in and on their food.  Sounds good and protective?  Not so fast. It is a commonly known fact that these agencies are rife with inadequacy, inefficiency, outside influence from corporate interests, incomplete and biased test data  and, of course, under-manning.  The idea is good and may have been at one time – long ago. Now it’s stuck in overzealous bureaucratic red tape and political influence.