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Double Death Cocktail: Dow’s Enlist Duo – Roundup and 2-4-D


Dow Agro Sciences is seeking approval for a new type of weed killer combining Round-Up and 2-4-D.  The EPA is considering approval of Enlist-Duo, a potent cocktail to help struggling farmers battle super weeds caused by Roundup.

This is a nightmare scenario.  Round-up and 2-4-D are already in widespread use by not only farmers but also homeowners.

We are slowly poisoning ourselves to death!

The major concern is children’s health.  As children absorb chemicals at a tenfold rate as compared to adults, this is particularly troubling. As shown on an interactive map, there are approximately 11,000 schools that are within 1,000 feet of corn or soy fields.  Another 5,600 schools are within 200 feet!

Dow Agro Sciences downplays the effects of their Round-Up and 2-4-D concoction, saying that the 2-4-D “is not your Granddad’s 2-4-D” meaning it doesn’t have as much potential for drift. Still, this is a potent mix of chemicals shown to have adverse health effects.  Numerous studies have shown a link between cancer and reproductive dysfunctions.  

I have a bad feeling about this.  Considering the EPA’s record of past approvals, and the fact that basically – let’s admit it, folks – the EPA is in the pocket of Dow Chemicals. It will not surprise me a bit if the pleas of over a half million people  went unheard and the EPA granted approval for this poison.

Mark my words:  I predict that in a few years this same concoction will be available in a lesser form, marketed to homeowners!


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Dow’s 2-4-D Corn = More Cancer, Birth Defects, Environmental Disaster

It was two years ago that I blogged about the battle for Dow’s 2-4-D corn.The USDA was still accepting comments on its pending approval. Now it seems, despite a huge public outcry, not only from concerned citizens but also from farmers, health professionals and environmentalists, the USDA  is leaning heavily for approving it.

Photo:  USDA

Photo: USDA

2-4-D, or Atrazine, is in popular Weed & Feed, Weed B Gon, Turfbuilder products. It was developed for chemical warfare in WWII and used in Viet Nam as part of a solution in Agent Orange as a defoliant. It is a known carcinogen: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and possible soft tissue sarcomas (cancer) are indicated, as are increased rates of Parkinson’s disease & lung cancer.  Respiratory and circulatory birth defects have been linked to it.

Despite a very strong link to cancer, hormonal disruption, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma,  birth defects and other illnesses,   2-4-D is marketed to consumers for use around their homes as a multi-use broadleaf weedkiller.  Millions of American homeowners use this on their lawns in one form or another in sprays, dusts or in a pelletized version. It is also in other lawn care products such as “Winterizers,”  and “Turfbuliders.” It is very likely that year-round exposure is not uncommon: “weed and feed” being used in the spring and summer, “Turfbuilders” from spring through fall and “winterizer” just before winter sets in.  Consumers who rely on these chemicals to keep their lawns looking golf course perfect are spreading poison on their property all year without realizing it. 

Monsanto’s Round-Up has been failing in recent years due to the ability of weeds to adapt and resist its application.  This is the next generation of herbicide-resistant spray to be formulated with an even more potent and dangerous chemical, Atrazine or 2-4-D.

Dow’s Enlist seeds, will be able to withstand applications of 2-4-D and Round Up.

Wait and see.  This miracle chemical’s effects will not last, either.  Just like Round Up, after awhile the same thing will happen and farmers will find themselves back where they started:  weeds out of control.

Now we will have millions of acres of corn being sprayed with 2-4-D and Round up combined.

  • Groundwater will be contaminated with yet another harmful chemical.
  • It will be IN that corn that you eat & all other foods you buy from the store – because corn is in everything!
  • Beef cattle, chickens, pigs, turkeys will eat this – YOU will eat it too.
  • Contamination will be in immediate areas through wind.
  • HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of acres of corn each year could be sprayed with it.
  • It will wash from the nation’s corn belt into rivers and the seas.
  • Small farmers will be tied to yet another corn seed and chemical
  • Approval will lead to MORE GMO products because USDA sees nothing wrong with them.
  • Corporate entities will have even more control over our lives.

Our government has failed us again.  By bowing to the one-sided test results – and the lobbyists and to Dow’s influence in government, and not to mention – big bucks – We The People will again become Guinea pigs.

This shows me that our government does not care about its citizens, only mega profit for mega corporations.

TAKE ACTION:  Go to THIS PAGE and sign the petition against Dow’s GMO 2-4-D corn

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2012 Farm Bill: Monsanto Writes Rules For GMO Approvals




Monsanto may finally get its wish on future approval of GMOs.  Nothing short of a miracle regarding final passage of the 2012 Farm Bill when it goes to the Senate will stop Monsanto.  In short, it has used its tentacles of influence deep into government spending about 1.4 million to lobby the USDA, FDA and the EPA, not to mention various politicians. 

What’s wrong with the farm bill?  Lots, according to the Environmental Working Group’s assessment.  —> READ HERE

Source: Open

Monsanto and its supporters tucked many assurances favoring GMOs into this bill.  What does this secret farm bill manipulation tell us? Political corruption at its finest.  As Jack Lohman writes in his article posted in Reader Supported News, while gaming the system is present on both ends of the spectrum (wealthy vs. poor), it’s the influential who have the most to gain.  This certainly is the case with Monsanto. It’s a rubber stamp guaranteeing GMO approval and making certain that Monsanto, and other biotech firms like Dow, Syngenta, DuPont, BASF, get to do what they’ve long wanted:  control the world’s food supply and decimate the organic industry.

The Center for Food Safety’s Andrew Kimball states, “There is no doubt that the objective of this explosive Appropriations bill insertion is to empower a single corporation and a few of its industry friends to move beyond the control of the U.S. courts, USDA and public review to make their own rules and profit from slippery backdoor politics.”

Dean Hoff, VP of the National Family Farm Coalition states:   “This provision has nothing to do with farmers, and everything to do with the biotech industry’s sales,” said Dena Hoff, vice president of the National Family Farm Coalition. “Far from safeguarding farmers, it evades the law of the land and endangers their way of life and their livelihoods. The only parties whose interests would be assured are the corporations developing biotech crops.”

Already in the 2013 farm bill is a provision, again, guaranteed to strengthen biotech’s grip on American farming.  Correspondence sent to the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations by the Center For Food Safety lists various arguments on why this “farmer’s assurance provision”  is a farce.  —> READ HERE.  It is also no accident that this provision was buried deep within the bill.

My own level of disgust has hit an all time high.  It is clear that all the safeguards written into our government have failed. Although our founding fathers did a decent job of drawing up the basics of our government, they never could have envisioned the evil so present and pervasive today.   We no longer have a “government,” but a bunch of prostitutes running this country.  Except for a few like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, the desires of the American public are silenced by money.  Our government does not work for the people but for itself and the good of the highest bidder.  Monsanto is a clear example of this.

I am not in the position to suggest a solution.  I keep hoping, however, that there is SOME safeguard, a monkey wrench thrown into the cogs of Monsanto’s ruthless progression of total food takeover, will come to pass.  Unless there is some miracle, our food is destined to become totally laden with GMOs.  Our environment and total planetary ecosystem will be eventually destroyed further by massive use of chemicals; populations poisoned and sickened by their own food. The organic industry will wither and die due to GMO contamination, and refusal of other world food markets to accept our GMO-laden food.     

What can we do?  Sign has a STOP MONSANTO RIDER.  I urge everyone to sign it and pass it on.  Also, VOICE YOUR OPINION to your lawmakers! 

Our voices, however, are one thing what we still have left!


Why Can’t US Sue Monsanto & Dow For Poisoning People?

The comment period on approval for Dow’s 2-4-D tolerant GMO corn ends on the 27th of this month.  I’m holding my breath, hoping that somehow the USDA will do the right thing and deny it. 

If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE go to the following link and post your comment against it:

More poison for the US?

Recent information is that the USDA is leaning toward approval because it is using industry funded studies, provided by the manufacturer, on which to base its judgement.  As with other approvals for the biotech industry, like Monsanto’s products, this smacks of collusion. 


As I reported in a previous article on industry funded studies referencing an article in Mother Earth News,  (  manufacturers routinely use this tactic.  Sadly, since there is little concern for the wellbeing and protection of the people of this country by our government, we’re all on the short end of the stick. 

Other countries have sued Monsanto, Dow and other biotech firms.  Argentina is now in the process of a lawsuit against Monsanto – a lawsuit brought by the farmers on grounds that Monsanto has poisoned them.  Last year an Indian tribunal brought charges against the “Big 6” and found them guilty of human rights abuses.

Why can’t we, the American people, bring charges against the biotech firms for poisoning us?      

USDA: Faster Approvals For GMOs: Good for Biotech, Bad For People.

Dow, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta and other biotech firms must be jumping for joy because the USDA is making it easier for GMO crops to be approved more quickly. 

Biotech Lobbying Expenditures 1999-2009

The USDA is allowing public comment at the start of the approvals process which is a reversal of the old method.  It looks good on paper but what it really does is allow the biotech firms chances to address the public’s concerns early on – and find ways to dismiss them. Reading between the lines: Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Bayer, Du Pont and BASF can pull out all the stops and showcase their slanted evidence in their “studies” to have the voice of the American people effectively discounted and silenced. 

Bloomberg News  reports that  it’s a rubber stamp approach by the USDA to speed the crops into approval, thus allowing the GMO seed companies faster profits. 

“They are trying to work the system so they can dismiss public comments more quickly and easily, in order to speed things up,” Bill Freese, a policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety, told Bloomberg. “It’s a rubber-stamp system. A real regulatory system will occasionally reject something.”

The most recent application by Dow Agro Science for its 2-4-D GMO corn had an initial 2 month comment period.  Just days ago the USDA extended it to April 29th.  of this year.  By then there will undoubtedly be thousands more comments by consumers.  Is this the test run for the new application system?  Will the USDA approve this new 2-4-D “Agent Orange” corn to hit the market?  Time will tell.  I’m not hopeful, though, that the USDA will be interested in doing its job:  protecting the people and rejecting this latest GMO product. 

Despite mountains of evidence in independent studies to the contrary, Monsanto insists that GMO foods are safe. The USDA seems to be in agreement, based on their past performance with GMO approvals.  Monsanto has even convinced billionaire Bill Gates of this also. He’s become their poster child of GMO promotion in philanthropic dealings with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation across the globe.  He’s got the “We CAN feed the world with GMOs,” schpeel down pat and funding Monsanto with millions to prove it.  Now Listen to geneticist, Dr. Mae Wan Ho, PhD,  tell why it can’t work:

Consumers are up in arms about GMOs, demanding them to be labeled in foods where they exist, which is just about everything in the grocery store.  The whole GMO agricultural process from start to finish is being called out by writers and activists like myself all over the world.  We’re screaming, “Look at the independent studies!” but the USDA doesn’t seem to be listening! 

 I want to know:  If I know about this, if I’ve read and seen reports of the danger of GMOs in all aspects;  if millions of others know from media, medical and independent reports contrary to the safety of GMOs, WHY doesn’t the USDA and all other federal agencies possibly involved with this agricultural aspect — why don’t they question it further?  Why don’t they listen to WE THE PEOPLE and stop it?

This new approval process is a ruse designed to placate the American public and continue to “poison” as usual.



USDA Extending Public Comments on Dow 2-4-D GMO Corn

The Center for Food Safety, along with other organizations, has petitioned the USDA to extend the comment period on Dow’s GMO  2-4-D corn until April 24th.  Citing concerns that approval of the new GMO corn will add significantly to the toxic burden humans face and increased environmental dangers. 

Because 2-4-D has been used in agriculture, there are reports of resistance in weeds.  Weeds that become resistant to 2-4-D will require more applications of this chemical or newer, more potent chemicals to eradicate them in the future.  This is NOT the way to go! The Center For Food Safety warns, as most of us environmental activists know, that U.S. agriculture is at a critical juncture.  This “trans-gene herbicide treadmill” will only spawn new and more potent chemicals.

Time to get OFF the GMO treadmill, USDA!

The Center For Food Safety has published a 2-4-D Fact Sheet

Even though we’ve got more time to fight this, now is NOT the time to slack off. It gives us additional time to spread the word and have people comment.  It also gives us more time to marshal forces against the GMO onslaught.  This is a dangerous chemical and should not be introduced into widespead use across the United States. 

 “The most common way people give up their power

is by thinking they don’t have any.”

                                 Alice Walker ~ novelist, poet, activist

In the event that the USDA does approve this GMO corn,  (See Deja Vu for GMO  corn) the Center For Food Safety will likely file a lawsuit against the USDA.  They have already filed suit against the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for allowing GMO crops to be planted in wildlife refuges in the Midwest.

Go to the CFFS link to post your comment NOW!


Atrazine: Persistent Dangerous Lawn Chemical

Photo: USDA

Photo: USDA

Roundup and Weed N Feed products are the two most commonly used lawn care chemicals in the United States.

At Lowe’s and Home Depot, consumers fill up their shopping carts with insect and weed killers from spring to fall.  They are totally oblivious to the heath risks.  Use of these chemicals  is so widespread and  even exposure in small amounts is potentially dangerous, but most homeowners never think twice about it. Often, disregarding warnings and instructions on the product itself, they mix different chemicals together.

Atrazine is the most widely used herbicide in this country. Roughly 75 million pounds are applied by consumers annually. You may know it as “Weed B Gon,”  or various names such as “Turfbuilders,” “Weed N Feed,” “Once & Done and in assorted “Winterizer” products. Chemical giants Syngenta, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and Scott’s sell it under various names.

It is also common for it to be mixed with another dangerous chemical, 2-4-D, which increases its toxicity making it far more dangerous.

Atrazine is used in a variety of settings:  roadside maintenance, on golf courses, forest management, by commercial lawn care companies and many other applications.  The EPA regards this chemical as safe.

It is found in about 90% of stream water tested and 40% of groundwater in the central U.S. and atrazine  is implicated in damage to the ecosystem from birds to amphibian life. In extremely low levels, exposure of frogs to atrazine indicates high incidences of sex change from male to female.   It’s a persistent chemical, remaining in the soil for a long time.  It’s been 15 years since it was banned in France and it’s still found in ground water

A study found that women pregnant during from May to September face the biggest risk to their unborn child by exposure to Atrazine and other Weed N Feed lawn products. Atrazine changes levels of sex hormones resulting in potentially disastrous lifelong effects during pregnancy. Atrazine affects the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen. Birth defects, particularly respiratory, circulatory and neurologic are common.  Increased risks of miscarriage, stillbirth, early birth and low birth weights have been found.

MORE INFORMATION:  Read the article on PR Watch