Food Truth Freedom

Your food, where it comes from & what's in it

Why Activism?

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One of my favorite sayings is from Frank Serpico, the retired NYC Detective and whistle-blower on corruption in the New York City police department. This I take as something truly appropriate for our times:

“Sometimes you have to go up against the odds to do the right thing.

Our times have gotten harder. Millions are struggling with job loss unprecedented since the Great Depression. We are becoming ill from the food we eat. Governmental agencies designed to protect us no longer do because the “Big Money” in Washington. Food manufacturers, chemical companies, the grocery industry and other corporate factions has literally been allowed to buy their way in and control our lives.

Our planet is rebelling from the 100 or so years of pollution & environmental destruction, bringing disastrous storms like Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. Undoubtedly there will be more to come.

“Get up, stand up, get up for your rights!”~Bob Marley

“We The People” and our planet are becoming the forgotten ones in lieu of the bottom line. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the more you know, hopefully, the more you will work to change the status quo in Washington, our corporate boardrooms, and untimely your own life and that of your children. My sincerest hope is that you will want to learn more on what I’ve posted here. GET MAD and STAND UP and SPEAK OUT.

If you don’t, who will?  Don’t assume that “the other guy” will do it because YOU are the “other guy.”  Take a stand today.  Let’s not give the government or Big Food another day of our lives where we don’t fight back.

Vote with your fork and your grocery purchases!  Don’t just blindly buy what’s offered in the store.  Read labels, get involved, write your government officials about the food we eat, join a protest!  The WORST thing you can do is nothing!